Control your Elro switches from your Raspberry Pi

The 433send program allows you to control wireless switches by Elro using a 433.92 MHz transmitter such as this one.

Connecting the transmitter to the Raspberry Pi GPIO header:

‘VCC’ pin to 3V3 (pin #1)
‘Data’ pin to GPIO0 (pin #3)
‘GND’ to GND (pin #6)

First, download and install WiringPi. WiringPi allows you to easily control the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins:

Then, download 433send.cpp and put in (for example) the WiringPi example directory (~/wiringPi/examples)

Change the key[] variable according to the dipswitches on your Elro switches.

Compile it:

g++ -o 433send 433send.cpp –I/usr/local/include  -L/usr/local/lib -lwiringPi

Execute as root!
sudo ./433send -d <device number> -s 1|0
-d: device number.
-s: 1 = on, 0 = off.

A = 1
B = 2
C = 4
D = 8
E = 16

Example: sudo ./433send -d 4 -s 1 (turn on device C)


Original source written for Arduino by Piepersnijder:

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Rack tremolo idea

I’ve been thinking about building a new version of the tremolo I mentioned in the previous post. This will be a very versatile tremolo/volume controller in a 1U 19″ rack enclosure.

Some of the features are:

  • Stereo in & out
  • Two tremoloes (one of which can pan between left and right)
  • Tap tempo
  • MIDI PC’s and CC’s
  • Multiple in- and outputs so the tremolo can be placed before or after the preamp
  • Speed, volume, depth etc. can be controlled real-time through MIDI CC’s or expression pedal
  • Various waves: sine, triangle, ramp up/down, square, patterns, random…

This will be a huge improvement on the pedal tremolo but it’s also a very big project. At the moment there are only ideas, some schematics, a bit of software pseudo-code and an idea about the design:

Next week I’ll probably start with the power supply, the PWM filters and the voltage-controlled amplifiers.

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PIC-controlled tremolo

This is something I’ve been working on for a while, a very versatile tremolo guitar effect. Electrically it’s not very complicated, most work is done with a PIC16F886 microcontroller which generates a PWM signal which is then filtered and used as an analog control voltage for a VCA (voltage-controlled amplifier).

The video shows an older version. Recently I started to rewrite the software because the old software was too unreliable (tap tempo problems, rotary encoders issues, noise).

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The Anvil preamp

A while ago I decided it was time for something to replace my Peavey Bandit amp. I was looking for a three-channel amp so I could have a separate channel for solo’s. Most three-channel amps however are pretty expensive so I started looking for a DIY-amp that suited my needs. I remembered a three-channel preamp kit that was sold at, and I noticed that they’d added another preamp kit called the Anvil.

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Clean boost for guitar (or bass)

This is a transparent, clean guitar booster for solo’s and other times when you need a couple of extra dB’s. No ’boutique’ or other mojo-bullshit here, just a simple volume boost!

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New site

This is my new site, under construction.

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